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Handwashing Solutions

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Handwashing Solutions

ADA Compliant SaniStand

ADA Compliant SaniStand™

The new ADA Compliant SaniStand is design certified to meet and exceed ADA requirements, making it easily accessible by all patrons. It's the most convenient way yet to keep hands clean... even when water is not available! The SaniStand with Antiseptic Foam kills 99% of germs on hands, including E. coli and salmonella.


SaniStand™ Foam

When you choose the SaniStand Foam, you'll have the most convenient product ever introduced to prevent the spread of germs at festivals, fairs, concerts, or any type of gathering.


Applause™ Direct Connect

Two-station, hand-washing unit—our most popular model! Thirty-two inch working height for small children or wheelchair bound patrons. Direct connect to hose and drain or free standing with 60-gallon capacity.



The industry's leading sink on wheels. Just use the built-in handle to tilt the GrandStand back onto its rubber treaded wheels, and steer it like a hand truck. A slim profile and easy maneuverability make the GrandStand ideal for any number of situations from farmer's markets to county fairs, construction sites to offices.


BRAVO!™ Hand Washing Sink- Standard Unit

Two-station sink - Now, available with heated water!

Free Standing Sinks

Four-Person Wash Station

The most compact 4-person sink available!

Fresh Sink Tablets

Fresh Sink Tablets

The ultimate solution for safe water! Keep your patrons safer while eliminating troublesome tank and line clean-ups and water smelling springtime fresh. 300 tablets per bottle (600 total per 2 bottle kit).

Foam Hand Sanitizer

Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Added protection you can mount anywhere!

250 Gallon Waste Tank

250 Gallon Waste Tank

Ideal for bulk waste storage!

300 Gallon Waste Tank

300 Gallon Waste Tank

Ideal for bulk waste storage!

Special Events Solutions

GAP Compliant Restroom

GAP Compliant Restroom Package

Fully Equipped & Ready-To-Go!

Ticket Booth and Guard Station

Ticket Booth/Guard Station

Protect employees from sun and rain!

Portable Sign Holders

Portable Sign Holder

This durable and strong stand holds a post and sign for all temporary applications, including road signs, detours, or parking lots.

Rhino Plastic Barriers

Rhino Barriers™

Barriers link up to create a super-strong, highly visible wall to guide traffic! They are easy to move, transport, stack and store, and above all, they're quick to deploy and setup. Each barrier is 6'6" long and weighs 120 pounds empty, add 77 gallons of water, and each barrier weighs over 700 pounds!

Applause Hand Washing Unit Grandstand Rolling Portable Sink SaniStand Hand-Sanitizing Station